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My stupid life

White Christmas

Just like i dreamed of.

By fnord12 | December 25, 2016, 1:40 PM | My stupid life | Link

Just in time

Santaur, Krampus, and Lederhosen Unicorn

We didn't think our new ornaments would get here before Christmas, but they arrived just in the "Nick" of time. Ha ha! Oh god, i'm sorry, please don't gore me, Lederhosen Unicorn!

By fnord12 | December 24, 2016, 6:05 PM | My stupid life | Link


For whatever reason, my inability to see pictures in my head came up a lot in conversations irl this weekend. I didn't realize until college that most people could actually see pictures in their heads, and i still wasn't sure if i believed that people could really do it. But we've been watching Falling Water recently, and so we've been talking about dreams. Min has very vivid dreams and she can actually control them, which is really weird in a different direction, and she's been asking friends if they can do that (no one can). But in talking about that, my lack of ability to see pictures at all has come up. I've googled about it before and found nothing, but apparently in the last year or so the condition (?) has been identified and named Aphantasia. Here are two news articles about it: NYT and BBC. And here's a really good explainer about it from the co-founder of Firefox, who has the same "condition".

I do dream. I very very rarely remember them, usually only when i've been woken up in the middle. But like the commenter at the bottom of this article, the dreams are like "narration", not a movie in my head.

No idea if this "explains" anything about me, since it's all perfectly normal to me. And it's not like there's anything weird about me that needs to be explained. Right?!

By fnord12 | December 12, 2016, 8:53 AM | My stupid life & Science | Link

What a toaster oven should look like

I honestly started a regiment of scrubbing it every two weeks about a year ago but i clearly wasn't making any progress.

Ok, it shouldn't be so grody, but besides that...

Two dials: one for the oven temperature and another for toast level. And a button to initiate the toasting. You don't want the toasting to be initiated by twisting a dial because a) it means you have to re-choose your ideal toast level each time and b) dials are inevitably accompanied by infernal ticking (and don't get us started on this 'twist it past the toast settings and then back' business). You also don't need a third dial that somehow chooses between oven use, toasting, and a number of other things that you don't need from a toaster oven. Note that on this toaster there is no need to designate between oven and toaster; it just somehow always knew. In addition to not ticking, it also did not beep or ring. It just silently did its job.

We always took our little toaster oven for granted until it went out like a hero in a fiery death and we started shopping for a new one.

min: cereally. could you not have cropped out the gross looking door? now people will think badly of us and our hygiene. but YES! why are new toasters so stupid? i don't need a rotisserie feature! and i don't care what size pizza it can fit. i just want it to toast my bread, actually fit 4 slices as advertised, and warm things up.

and apparently, every toaster in existence had an exploding door at one point, so you might as well just ignore those negative reviews.

then there are the assholes who think that answering any question with "why do you want to do that?" is somehow helpful and in any way appreciated. shut up, douchebag. and when the answer to "does anyone know of a toaster that doesn't make a lot of noise and tick" is "just set it to toast and use a separate timer", there is something very wrong with the universe.

By fnord12 | December 5, 2016, 9:50 AM | My stupid life | Link

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