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Discovering the Gorilla

I keep meaning to post this. It's from an issue of Scientific American from March 2009 that Wanyas gave to me. They have a section where they reprint portions of articles from older issues of their magazines. This one's from March 1859, and i thought it was pretty cool:

In Africa there is a tribe of huge monkeys known by the name of Gorillas. Their existence has been known to white men for some years, but none have ever been taken alive. They live in the lonely retired seclusions of the forest, and the males are capable of coping in fight with the lion. The skull of one is in the Boston Museum, sent thither by the Rev. Mr. Wilson, a missionary. Last year, the body of one was sent from Sierra Leone to Prof. Owen, packed in a cask of rum. The males have a horrible appearance; they attain to a stature of five feet, with wrists four times the size of a man's. Their strength is prodigious; one can wrench the head off of a man with his hands as easily as a person can husk an ear of corn.

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