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An Example of Why You Should Have to Get Permission Before Using Metaphors

From Paul Halpern's book Collider:

After savoring the delectable appetizer of the QCD findings, it would be time for the main course. The W and Z bosons were ripe for the plucking and - thanks to the capabilities of the upgrading SPS - it would finally not be a stretch to reach for such exotic fruit. The sensitive detectors of each group were primed to taste the characteristic flavor combinations of the rare morsels.

This whole book is full of crap like this. Who talks like this? I'm ready to punch Paul Halpern.

The previous paragraph was all gluons this and quarks that blah blah blah quantum chromodynamics. And then he goes and puts this drivel in right afterward. Do you know how jarring that is? And it does nothing to further my understanding of the content so what purpose does it even serve?

He also changes the "diners" mid-metaphoring. It starts of as the scientists who have "savored" the test results and ends with the detectors themselves enjoying the "rare morsels". If you can't keep it straight in your own head, you definitely should not be using it. Arrghh!

Mr. Halpern, please stop hurting my brain. Jerk.

By min | July 28, 2011, 1:12 PM | Boooooks & Science | Comments (0)| Link

Embolisms from Too Much Sitting

Read this in the Guardian:

Women who spend most of their time sitting down when they get home from work may be more likely to get a potentially fatal blood clot on the lungs than those who are more active, acording to a study carried out on nurses in the US.

Guess I'm fucked.

Although, why do a study on nurses? Is it because they have a job where they're rarely able to sit so most of the sitting going on would be after work? But then, how do they know it's not embolisms caused by too much walking around at work? Cereally, if i was a nurse, i would lay down, not just sit, after getting off a shift. Would that change my risk at all? Being completely horizontal?

And what about men and their fat ass sitting?

By min | July 28, 2011, 8:57 AM | Science | Comments (1)| Link


Lichenification should be avoided whenever possible.

By min | July 13, 2011, 3:21 PM | My stupid life & Science | Comments (1)| Link

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