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Ya Know, They Can Do That Now

One problem with electric cars is worrying about how far a charge is going to get you, especially if you encounter unexpected traffic. I think the solution has been obvious to many of us for some time now.


Instead of setting up refueling stations inside garages, however, the researchers suggest chargers should be installed in the road itself, so cars could juice up on the go.
Ma and colleagues have built a coffee can-size prototype vehicle that "can really move and stop for wireless charging automatically," he says. The next steps are to finish a go-kart-size one-seater EV prototype, boost the system's power, and perfect that car's on-the-move recharging.
In cities the infrastructure will likely be built sooner because there's "an incredible need for traffic and pollution management," or at least more than in suburban and rural areas.

I just hope they make the guard rails out of soft, squishy stuff, cause I could never drive in a straight line on those charging strips.

By min | October 30, 2011, 10:28 PM | Science & Video Games | Comments (0)| Link

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