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Does It Do Away With String Theory?

Cause if so, i'm all for it. I never really grokked string theory.

Thinking of spacetime as a liquid may be a helpful analogy. We often picture space and time as fundamental backdrops to the universe. But what if they are not fundamental, and built instead of smaller ingredients that exist on a deeper layer of reality that we cannot sense? If that were the case, spacetime's properties would "emerge" from the underlying physics of its constituents, just as water's properties emerge from the particles that comprise it. "Water is made of discrete, individual molecules, which interact with each other according to the laws of quantum mechanics, but liquid water appears continuous and flowing and transparent and refracting," explains Ted Jacobson, a physicist at the University of Maryland, College Park. "These are all 'emergent' properties that cannot be found in the individual molecules, even though they ultimately derive from the properties of those molecules."

Not that i did great in Fluid Mechanics lab, but i blame that on my learning disability whereby i never understand what exactly i'm supposed to be doing in a lab experiment. Hands-on learning is so confusing. Can't you just show me with a diagram drawn in different colored chalks and an equation? That would make way more sense.

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