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The Singularity's Approaching

Crap! First they teach themselves to beat you at Go! and then they take over the world.

The AI learned without supervision--it simply played against itself, and soon was able to anticipate its own moves and how they would affect a game's outcome.
AlphaGo Zero even devised its own unconventional strategies. The game go is typically played using "stones" colored either black or white on a board with a 19 by 19 grid. Each player places stones with the objective of surrounding an opponent's. "In training, AlphaGo Zero discovered, played and ultimately learned to prefer a series of new joseki [corner sequence] variants that were previously unknown," says DeepMind spokesperson Jon Fildes.


By min | October 22, 2017, 3:46 PM | Science | Link

The chocolate is a lie


"Mars and [other chocolate companies] made a conscious decision to invest in science to transform the image of their product from a treat to a health food," said New York University nutrition researcher Marion Nestle (no relation to the chocolate maker). "You can now sit there with your [chocolate bar] and say I'm getting my flavonoids."


But despite the industry effort to date, cocoa still has never been proven to carry any long-term health benefits. And when it's delivered with a big dose of fat and sugar, any potential health perks are very quickly outweighed by chocolate's potential harm to the waistline.

By fnord12 | October 18, 2017, 3:21 PM | Liberal Outrage & Science | Link

How paleoartists would depict modern animals

This is amazing.

By fnord12 | October 17, 2017, 1:55 PM | Science | Link

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