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From TV to Movie

Name actors and actresses who started off in TV and moved on to achieve movie success. For example, Bruce Willis from TV's Moonlighting, Johnny Depp from 21 Jump Street, Tom Hanks from Bosom Buddies, etc. Comediens and musicians do not qualify (e.g., Adam Sandler, Will Smith, etc.) because it's possible their movie career was helped by their success in this other category.

They must have at least been a main character in some TV series before moving on to movie stardom. So Brad Pitt's 2 appearances on Growing Pains would not count as being "in TV". Movie success would constitute having a minimum of 3, non-serial movies that were well-received by the public. In other words, a "successful" movie. For this reason, a Jennifer Aniston or a Sarah Michelle Gellar might not make the list, even though they have been in several movies. However, feel free to argue for your choices.

We reserve the right to reject anyone you can think of based on random judgements and lack of familiarity with either the person or their body of work.

I've already started you off with three. Now you may begin.

By min | January 29, 2007, 1:26 PM | Movies & TeeVee | Comments (25)| Link

Free Woody

Looks like there's a Woody Woodpecker DVD set on its way this summer (if you can trust internet message boards):

Jerry: I have just convinced them to at least try to put out a Woody Woodpecker and friends DVD the right way, uncut, restored and, not only that, I've gone even further than I thought I would with them. It's going to come out in summer, in June, actually in July and it's going to have like the first forty-five Woody Woodpeckers, which are the good ones, you know, all the 1940s ones where he's really crazy. And then we're going to have these classic four Tex Avery cartoons that Avery did in the 50s are going to be on here. We're going to have some 1930s Oswalds and Pooch the Pup and we're going to have some of the 1940s Swing Symphony cartoons. So it's going to be a real rounded package. It's going to have about seventy-five cartoons on it and it's--I was totally programmed that if they never put out anything again, then all the ones I really want them to restore and to make available will be there and I think everyone will go with me on that, I think you'll trust me on that, that these are the ones you really want.

But you shoud go sign the Woody Woodpecker on DVD petition just to be safe.

By fnord12 | January 29, 2007, 9:09 AM | TeeVee | Comments (0)| Link

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