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The man likes crawfish, ok?

Please note that despite the TPM link, i've given this post a TeeVee category. Because it's really just a bizarre human interest story, nothing political.

A 'sovereign citizen' in Pensacola, Florida allegedly opened fire at a seafood market after learning that they had run out of crawfish.

42 year-old Larry Wayne Kelly allegedly fired upon the L&T Seafood Market with an AK-47 from the window of his pickup truck, after he was told they had sold out of crawfish on Sunday.

According to the Sheriffs Department, four loaded guns were found in Kelly's car, including a 12-gauge shotgun, a pistol, and a revolver. The book "The Sociopath Next Door" was also found. Kelly told law enforcement that he is a sovereign citizen (someone who believes that almost all forms of government in the U.S. are illegitimate), and that he doesn't have to follow the law.

Griggs reports that Kelly was charged with "fleeing police, aggravated assault and weapons violations," but was soon released on a $32,000 bond Monday.

Really? $32,000? Seems extremely low for shooting up a store (compared to what i've seen on Law & Order! There's the TeeVee hook!) and basically saying that laws don't apply to you.

Let's see how that worked out.

He was then arrested again on the same day and charged with "firing at a building, firing from a vehicle and criminal mischief."

As of Wednesday, Kelly was being held on a $575,000 bond.

Store owner is unsympathetic.

Store owner Tommy Nguyen told the News Journal he had sold out of crawfish because it was a holiday weekend, but was restocked by Wednesday. "If you don't have crawfish, you can get crab or something else" he asked. "Why is crawfish so important?"

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