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Not How I Envisioned Teletubbies Being Used

It's secret code for Wen Jiabao.

Teletubbies, instant noodles and tomatoes might not sound like the stuff of high political intrigue, but this motley grouping has allowed microbloggers in China to evade censorship and speculate on trouble at the top of government.
"Teletubby" is code for Wen Jiabao, who chided Bo publicly before his ousting - the Chinese for the children's show, tianxianbaobao, shares a character with the premier's name. The popular instant noodle brand Master Kong is known as Kang Shifu in Chinese and stands in for Zhou Yongkang, who is reportedly supportive of Bo.
In keeping with the food theme, the former Chongqing party boss has been dubbed "tomato" or "xihongshi".
Those wanting to read more of the gossip may also have to wade through irrelevant postings.

"Kang Shifu is actually discussed quite a lot anyway on microblogs. It's one of the most discussed brands because typical netizens eat a lot of instant noodles," Goldkorn pointed out.

The government caught on, though, cause if you tried searching for both "Teletubbies" and "Master Kong" together, it would tell you that the results couldn't be displayed because of regulations. The regulations must say something like the only food Teletubbies are allowed to associate with is Tubby Toast.

In case you were unaware, i love the Teletubbies! That show is psychedelic genius. I'm also fond of instant noodles. And tomatoes. But not together.

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