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Well, you've screwed things up again, Megatron

Jim Smith at MightyGodKing:

I read this in IDW's April solicitation for its Transformers comic: "MEGATRON joins the AUTOBOTS! The perfect jumping-on point for new readers!" This may in fact be the least true statement in comics.

I don't know, it seems like the whole point of Megatron is that he is irredeemably evil. I guess it's the cannon. When I was a kid I couldn't help but notice all the good guy robots had little pistols, and the head bad guy robot had this giant arm-mounted nuclear bazooka and I was like "That's not faiiiirr!!!" To me that's the basic appeal of Megatron-he is a machine hardwired to be a dick.

Putting it this way may help explain one of the greatest mysteries in life, which is why Megatron always put up with Starscream and his endless whinging and second guessing and betrayals. I guess all Decepticons are just programed to be dicks, so it probably didn't even seem unusual to Megatron that Starscream was one.

That said, i agree with Jim Smith that all i ever need to know about the Transformers is the cartoons. I did investigate the British comics for a while when they were released in trade, trying to see the origins on Death's Head, but they didn't really stick with me and i can't really even say i remember what i read.

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