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Ummm... Other?

Poor Polo

India's only gorilla is lonely. Even though Polo is 6 feet tall, dark-haired, bilingual and good-natured, the 36-year-old silverback gorilla is still single after a fruitless eight-year search.

"We have written to all major zoos in the world. We have tried everything," said Vijay Ranjan Singh, the director of the zoo in Mysore, a city in southern India about 525 miles southeast of Mumbai.

Polo, who was sent to Mysore from Ireland's Dublin Zoo in 1995, has been alone since 2000 when his mate, 46-year-old Sumathi, died.

Singh said that because gorillas are considered highly endangered, other zoos are reluctant to part with theirs. The Mysore zoo doesn't want to send Polo abroad to find a friend because he is India's only gorilla. Also, animal transfers are usually done within the framework of breeding programs that are often regional.

Worried that failure to find a companion for Polo could cause him psychological harm, his keepers decided to make one final plea. "He needs psychological and emotional enrichment that we can't provide," Singh said by telephone from Mysore on Thursday.

Polo is a western lowland gorilla, native to the forests of central Africa. Silverback gorillas -- marked with a distinctive patch -- are dominant males who usually live in family groups in the wild.

"He is not very happy. The few joys he enjoys are bathing and searching for food that his keeper hides in blocks of ice or in bamboo to keep him energized," Singh said.

His few joys are bathing and searching for food the keeper hides.....i think that's one of the saddest things i've ever read.

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Sand Thefts

In Jamaica,

Hundreds of tonnes of white sand vanished from a planned resort on the island's north coast in July but three months later there is no sign of suspects nor sand.

An estimated 500 truck-loads of sand were removed from the Coral Spring beach in Trelawny and were believed to have been sold to rival resorts, a hefty logistical feat which has stumped police.

How the hell do you steal 500 truck loads of anything and nobody notices before you get away? The operation of loading the sand onto whatever it is they used to transport it should have created so much noise that you couldn't help but notice what was going on. Loading 1 pickup truck, i can understand going undetected, but 500 truck loads?? It's inconceivable.

And this is apparently not the first sand theft.

Last year, thieves in Hungary stole hundreds of tonnes of sand from a riverside resort's artificial beach. Adding insult to injury, the thieves also stripped Mindszentas of its beach huts and sun loungers.

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And You Thought Swiss Army Knives Were Useful

How silly of you. It's become quite clear to me recently that a bandana is the most useful thing in the world. Just look at all the things you can do with it:

That's right. It says footstool.

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"A Sickled Society is a Polite Society"

-- fnord12

The 35-year-old said she had been working in her field cutting grass when the man tried to attack her. She hit back using her sickle.

She told the BBC she had no regrets. The man had reportedly been harassing and stalking her for some time.

"He tried to rape me and I hit back with the grass-cutting weapon to save my honour," she told Ramdutt Tripathi of the BBC Hindi service.

She says she went to the police station in her blood-soaked clothes after the incident, but denied newspaper reports that she carried the head with her.

Ram Bharose, police chief of Lakhimpur Khiri district some 125 miles (200km) south of the state capital Lucknow, said they were investigating the incident.

He said the woman had a legal right to defend herself against rape and sexual attacks.


Damn straight she had a legal right to defend herself and cut that guy's head right off with her sickle.

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Scammin' the Old Folks

People are just wrong.

Delpha Speak has 13 grandchildren and she didn't think it was completely implausible that one of her grandsons-in-law would call her to say he was in trouble. The 72-year-old retiree could tell something was wrong, and she wanted to do whatever she could to help.

But it was that concern that almost caught her up in what the state attorney general's office said is a common scam targeting older folks.

"He said, `Grandma,' and I said, `Which grandson?" Speak said. "He said, `Guess,' and I said, `Oh, it's Jamie,' and he said, `Yeah, it's Jamie.'"

She said her grandson-in-law lives in Kansas City and frequently travels for business, so when he said he was in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada, she believed him.

"He said, `Grandma, I'm really in trouble,'" she said. "He said, `I've had a car wreck and I have to have $5,000 to get out of the police station.'"

The caller urged her to wire the money via MoneyGram at Wal-Mart and begged her not to call her granddaughter.

"By now he was crying almost," Speak said. "He said, `Don't tell anyone, because I didn't tell anyone I was coming here.'"

After she hung up, she told her husband about the call and he headed to the bank to get the money. Then her curiosity got the best of her and she called the police station.

"As soon as I said do you have Jamie, my grandson, there, they said, `Ma'am, it's a scam,'" she said. "They're calling people from out of the country, and it's always grandparents."

Good thing my grandma doesn't speak english.

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Your Toilet Paper's Unacceptable

I found this.

The parents live in a slightly remote part of Shanghai, only accessible by bus or taxi, and they always refuse to take a taxi because its too expensive (even if I offer to pay). I told JJ to tell them to just stay the night at our house, that made the most sense and it was totally fine by me (and of course by JJ). We do have an extra room and I did buy this couch bed for this very reason. So it only made sense for them to stay, especially since it was holiday and JJ was not working.

Here comes the kicker. They were at first totally against it. Why, you might ask? Well it was not for the normal reasons you might imagine, such as 'we don't want to intrude', 'we have plans tomorrow morning', we simply want to get home', 'we don't like the couch bed'. None of these things mattered to them. Instead, the issue at hand was literally:

We don't know if we want to stay because the toilet paper I buy is too soft for them and they really don't like using it.

Now lets get the facts straight. I am not a freak or anything. I buy what I consider to be normal toilet paper, you know the middle-of-the-road priced roll you buy in packs at the store. I don't even go top of the line (because I'm too cheap). So what in the world could be wrong with my toilet paper?

Well, it turns out they really cannot use the 'Western' style toilet paper. They only use the toilet paper sheets that are a darker shade of brown, more rough and stacked on top of each other. A good comparison would be the toilet paper you'd find at a public restroom in a gas station, you know, the ones that require a key and have the toiler paper dispenser that spits out paper that resembles paper towels more than toiler paper.

So not only do they prefer to use this kind of toilet paper, but they went to the extreme of this opinion and considered traveling an hour on a bus all the way back home at 10:30pm to avoid using my 'soft', more expensive toilet paper, if, heaven forbid, they needed to take a trip to the WC. Fortunately, they are not just totally insane (I say that with the best intentions). They decided that if they could find a local convenient store that sold their 'favorite' style toilet paper, they would agree to spend the night. And what do you know, they found such a store, purchased a little travel pack and was ready to go.

My only comment is that he's wrong. They're Chinese parents. They are so definitely totally insane. It's a given.

Some commenters on the blog say that it was just an excuse because they didn't really want to stay. a) i don't see how saying your toilet paper's no good is really a 'saving face' type of excuse to give and b) i'm confident in Chinese parents around the world to come up with a much better, guilt-inducing excuse. Now, my parents wouldn't even bother. They'd tell you they much prefer their own bed to your crummy one and so goodnight.

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It Makes Me Laugh

Both watching the video and reading the article. I don't know why. It should prolly make me more worried about Putin what with his "gain the upper hand by soft but effective actions" talk. I guess it's just the fact that he put out a training video. And he's wearing that gi. Nobody looks threatening in a gi. *snort*

I mean, look at him and tell me he doesn't look like a dork.

Sergei Zhukov/AP

Ofc, having said that, i've prolly signed my death warrant.

By min | October 7, 2008, 1:25 PM | Ummm... Other? | Comments (6)| Link

10 Creepy Ads

You love 'em.

By fnord12 | October 6, 2008, 4:12 PM | Ummm... Other? | Comments (0)| Link

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