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Ummm... Other?

Can we agree that they're terrifying?

Somehow, the Gin-Gins never caught on like the California Raisins. And are they eating ginger candies? I'm pretty sure that's cannibalism, and against the rules.

By fnord12 | May 10, 2016, 8:27 AM | Ummm... Other? | Comments (2)| Link

Rescue Wolverines


A pilot project out of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and the Kroschel Wildlife Center aims to replace rescue dogs with rescue wolverines in the search for those buried under the snow.

Clocking in at about the size of a standard poodle, the stocky animals are known mainly for their ferocious natures and remarkable hunting abilities - deer, caribou, and lynx are standards on the wolverine menu, and there have been reported incidents of the creatures tussling with black bears over kills. All in all, it might not sound like the furry face you want to see digging you out of a snowbank, but it's partly the tenacious predator's hunting skill that makes it a good candidate for rescue duty.

A good candidate until the hunting instinct takes over the rescue training, that is...

By min | May 2, 2016, 1:22 PM | Ummm... Other? | Comments (1)| Link

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