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Ummm... Other?

All in favor of being unanimous?

From NBC's DNC Chief Tom Perez Faces Divided Party article:

In the front of the ballroom where voting occurred Saturday, DNC members from both factions moved quickly to show unity. They cheered Perez and adopted a motion to record for posterity their vote as unanimous.

min: Do they have any clue how ridiculous they are? Pathetic.

By fnord12 | February 26, 2017, 1:11 PM | Liberal Outrage & My stupid life & Ummm... Other? | Link

On this Valentine's Day, please respect this

By fnord12 | February 14, 2017, 7:26 AM | Ummm... Other? | Link

I have a beard, and I VOTE

We're getting fleeced by these taxes.

Don't let Peter the Great (more like Peter the Great Big Jerk, apparently) give any ideas to the well known beard-hater in the White House about a beard tax.

By fnord12 | February 8, 2017, 1:05 PM | Ummm... Other? | Link

Since i'm thanking people

I just wanted to thank Frederick Douglass for time traveling to prevent the Bowling Green Massacre.

By fnord12 | February 3, 2017, 7:22 AM | Liberal Outrage & Ummm... Other? | Link

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