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Oh sure but they support Outlaw Volleyball: Red Hot

Broke down and got a 360 the other day. It's the Halo edition. Felt a little weird buying a version that is so specific to one game. It's not like i'm a Halo fanatic or anything (ok, ok, so we have been playing it once a week for like a year now...). But i actually like the look of it and the bumbleheads at the store were insistent that the Pro version didn't have an hdmi port even though i'd read online that it did. Plus it came with a controller charger. Whatever. It's not like i bought the one with the Spartan helmet.

ANYWAY, i'd been looking at the backwards compatibility lists but when i got it home i wanted to see for myself which games would work and which didn't. Here's what didn't:

  • Azurk - Well i bought this for $1.99 just to see how bad it could be. It was pretty bad. Not $1.99 bad, actually, but i'd never play it again even if the system did support it.
  • Cel Damage - This was a cartoony Twisted Metal type game that was cute but i can live without it.
  • D&D Heroes - What? Are you kidding me? Supporting this should be their number one priority!
  • Kung Fu Chaos - This is sad, too. This was a very funny, crazy little four player game, and it's a real shame that they're not supporting it.
  • Legends of Wrestling II - Every once in a while i go out and get a wrestling game, and i'm disappointed by it. Same story here, so no loss. I'm sure one day i'll go out and buy a 360 wrestling game and be disappointed by it.
  • Top Spin / NCAA Football 2005 - i don't even know why i have this.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance - This just proves that Microsoft is in cahoots with Wanyas, who wants me to re-buy this for the 360 to get the extra characters and the ability to buy/download additional character packs. Which i may do - i noticed the 360 version was only $25 used.
  • X-Men Legends - This was a great game with a flawed beginning due to the really long intro that can only be played by one player. I would have liked to be able to load this up every once in a while to play some of those flashback scenes, but Ultimate Alliance pretty much trumps this.
  • X-Men Legends II - Compared to the first one, this wasn't very good, so no problem.

Overall, not too bad. I know they are still working on supporting more older games but it probably won't be a priority now that the Halo launch has come and gone. Still, D&D Heroes and Kung Fu Chaos were great multiplayer games and i hope they do become playable eventually.


Microsoft owns the IP for Kung Fu Chaos. So in theory, they could release a sequel without us. But given the game didn't sell, it's dead in the water I'm afraid.

Also, it is unlikely to ever be on the backward compatible list for 360. We used an interlaced rendering trick that allowed it to run at 60fps. Basically if you can guarantee that your game would run at a steady 30fps with you can run it in interlace mode and get it running at 60fps with one caveat: the game must NEVER EVER slowdown WITHOUT EXCEPTION (not even for 1 frame) or you get ugly artifacts.

Not many XBox games ever achieved this (with DOF, motion blur, colour filters etc) so that is why not many xbox games run in this mode (i can't think of any in fact).

That is also why the game wouldn't run in progressive scan mode.

Tech fact of the day!

(found on the forums on ninjatheory.com. For all your ninja theory discussion needs.)

By fnord12 | September 27, 2007, 9:14 AM | Video Games | Comments (3)| Link

Roger Ebert vs. Clive Barker

On the question of "if you make the best poop in the world, is it art, or is it just poop?".

Actually it's about video games and whether or not they can be "art".

And while i agree with Ebert on the largest point (the definition of 'what art is' is not totally subjective), i disagree with him on all the details and his arrogant style of writing makes me feel like he needs a punch in the face. OK, not a punch in the face, that's mean. He could use a good fragging in Halo.

He reminds me of that kid. You know that kid. He sat next to us in lunch one year. We called him 'the Master' because he was such a know-it-all.

By fnord12 | September 13, 2007, 11:12 AM | Video Games | Comments (7)| Link

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