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OK, I see nothing special

I'm sorry i didn't have any comic reviews today. You can blame Matthew Yglesias, who linked to a website that runs browser based DOS emulators, so i spent my review time playing Questprobe Spider-Man. I had this game as a kid but could never beat it. So i tried it again on my own today but didn't get any further than i did as a kid. In fact i probably did worse thanks to some problems with the emulator (like the delete button not working) which made things more frustrating than usual. So i figured it was time to use a walkthrough, and i finally realized how insane some of the solutions are, like shooting your web at a spinning fan like 5 times in a row with no feedback before you can shoot the web at the button that turns it off, or not being able to specify which chemicals you want to mix together so you have to keep dropping items from your inventory). With the walkthrough i thought i would finally beat the game, but i screwed up at the end anyway and got killed by an exploding Natter Energy Egg just like i always used to. But at that point i was close enough, so i'm declaring closure on this particular unresolved childhood matter. And after this experience, i have no desire to try the other Questprobe games that i never had as a kid.

If you don't want to try the game, here's a fun walkthrough. It doesn't quite convey the frustrating experience of the game's poor syntax capabilities, but it demonstrates how insane the puzzles were.

By fnord12 | January 6, 2015, 1:59 PM | Comics & Video Games | Comments (6)| Link

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