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From bad to... also bad

So these FF comics i'm reading with Klaw, FF 326-328, were written by mediocre-at-best writer Steve Englehart.  His accomplishments on the FF were kicking out Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, replacing them with a She-Thing, and turning Ben Grimm into a pineapple (but the real problem was that the writing was just bad).  On his website, he claims this was the best thing to happen to the FF in decades.  Until his editor said enough already and forced him to bring back the real team, which he did under protest, using a pseudonym.  But he had the final laugh:

Englehart: But I'm not the kind of guy to take such things lying down, so I wove a plot that put the real FF into suspended animation and sent bland replicas to take their place. Then the real FF dreamed all the plotlines I would have explored over the coming year.

Ugh, I have one of these issues and I never knew what the hell was going on.

By fnord12 | October 27, 2005, 8:04 AM | Comics


I didn't even understand what he was talking about.

Hey! I'm reading your blog. Must be bored at work.