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From bad to... also bad Part II

Some people are seeing this as a good thing since it's a defeat for Bush, but I can't see how the next nominee can be any better.  Miers was a crony, but at least she wasn't a right-wing ideologue.  The next nominee will be.   The only possible salvation is if Fitzgerald really does indict everyone and Bush is forced to resign or is impeached.  Even then, you have to go pretty far down the line of succession to get to someone who's not going to nominate a right wing hack.

By fnord12 | October 27, 2005, 8:11 AM | Liberal Outrage


so, i was on your blog and i hadn't left your blog and i clicked on another article to add a comment and it asked me to sign in. again. when i was already signed in to start with. then i clicked on their sign in link and it took me to my friendster page cause it knew i was logged in and i clicked on your blog which opened yet another window and tried to post a comment but it asked me to sign in. so now, after about 6 attempts, i am currently signed in. but possibly when i try to read another article, i will have to sign in 5 more times before i'm allowed to say anything about it. stupid friendster.

that being said..

she may not have been an ideologue, but i think she was a cypher. i think she didn't think anything except what she was told to think and i don't see that as any less dangerous than a raving right wing lunatic.

you've seen those crazy letters she's written to bush. he thinks god is speaking to him. she thinks he is her god.