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King Kong Lives

We got King Kong Lives from netflix yesterday.  It's the one where it turns out King Kong is still alive (from his fall off the twin towers in the 1976 remake with Charles Grodin!) and they have to get him a blood transfusion so they find a giant female Kong.  Should be terrible.  (I did see it as a kid, but i don't remember it.  It's also the movie that Marky Mark has to return to the video store in The Big Hit). 

So now King Kong fest can be complete.   Every Thanksgiving, they used to play the original and Son of Kong.  Then they started playing ET instead, and now i think they play Home Alone: The College Years.  But for me, King Kong is a Thanksgiving tradition, so we're gonna do the full marathon:  King Kong, Son of Kong, King Kong Escapes, King Kong vs. Godzilla, and King Kong Lives.  We're skipping the 1976 version because it's essentially the same as the original.   I'm not so sure about Peter Jackson's remake for the same reason.

By fnord12 | October 27, 2005, 8:25 AM | Godzilla


when is this marathon gonna be? and why am i going to be subjected to king kong vs godzilla again?

I know I'm Late. But wasn't there 'Mighty Joe Young?' That had no relation... right?

Yeah, there were two... the 1949 original and a remake in 1998. And the actor who played the guy who brought Kong back in the original King Kong also was the guy who brought Joe back in the original Mighty Joe Young. But it's not directly related to King Kong, and that gorilla was only 10 feet tall. Puny!