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So Klaw is made of solid sound, and one day he fought Dazzler, who is a mutant that aborbs sound and converts it into light.   Dazzler absorbed Klaw.   Then Dazzler fought Galactus, the devourer of worlds.  And Dazzler shot Klaw at Galactus, and then Klaw got aborbed into Galactus's space ship (which is as big as a planet).   Then Galactus got kidnapped by the Beyonder along with a bunch of other marvel characters, and was sent to Secret Wars.  Then Galactus summoned his spaceship to the Secret Wars planet, and Doctor Doom snuck on board, and he found Klaw and restored him to a solid form.  Except Klaw had gone crazy from the experience of being absorbed by Dazzler and then trapped on Galactus's ship.  And he kept talking funny and saying things like Soup-oop-oop.  Then Doctor Doom sliced up Klaw into little pieces and used him as part of a scheme to steal Galactus' power so that he could fight the Beyonder and steal his power, which he did because he's Doom and he rules.

But I always wondered what happened to Klaw, because the next time he showed up, he was back to normal.   So recently, thanks to the Marvel Chronology Project I found Klaw's earliest post-Secret Wars appearances, and Wayne picked them up for me on trip to NYC.  And right there, in his first post SW appearance in Daredevil 237, he explains it:

Klaw: I have been DESTROYED, Daredevil!  All my power PERVERTED!   The Beyonder*-- INHABITED me--!  But then, when he had no further use for me, he returned me to earth-- whole again.

See that was back in the days when Marvel cared about their continuity.   And then even better, in his next appearance, in Fantastic Four 326, the Wingless Wizard has assembled a new Frightful Four to take on the FF, comprised of Hydro-Man, Titania (in her first post SW appearance), and Klaw.  And the three of them are all bragging about how badass they are, and Hydro-Man makes fun of Klaw for getting beat by Daredevil (DD beat Klaw by blasting him with a tone generator found in a pawn shop, by the way), and Klaw says "You don't understand!  I was still recovering!.

I love it.

PS, Klaw can be seen on my Custom Marvel Action Figure page.

By fnord12 | October 26, 2005, 8:33 PM | Comics


you've got one too many closing ) in that last paragraph.

also, i would prefer "post-SW".

oh, and you're a big geek.