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Blair Left Holding the Bag

Italy is sticking with their plan to withdraw their troops. The U.S. is starting to make noise about withdrawing troops over the next year, or at least reducing the number of troops there. Britain, on the other hand, is planning on sending 4,800 troops to Afghanistan to "wipe out the world's most lucrative opium trade and bring democracy, stability and protection to souther Afghanistan." This article points out that it's starting to look like Britain is going to be the chump at the end of it all.

Bush doesn't like to lose, though. And he's completely irrational. So, even if other people's kids are getting killed everyday in Iraq, why should he back down? I suppose it's possible that the rest of Bush & Co. (the ones who aren't totally off their rocker) might either cajole him into accepting it or convince him that he has won. I could believe either tactic possible. They may have to endure some pouting over it all, though.

Ofc, now with his defeat in getting Congress to back down on the torture ban, he might be feeling a bit too petulant at the moment to be cajoled. Well, they've got all year to work on him. All they have to do is make sure they don't allow soldiers to leave when their contract is over. That should buy them some time. If all else fails, they could try distracting him with a horsie.

By min | December 16, 2005, 8:18 AM | Liberal Outrage