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Do I Detect the Whiff of Sour Grapes?

So here's a repost because i had my sources wrong before.


And here's a little tidbit TBogg's got. It's a quote from that dickwad John Derbyshire over at the National Review (the same pervert who lusts after 15 yr old girls):

Did you know that "Overall, 90 percent of public employees enjoy a defined-benefit pension, compared with only 20 percent (and falling) of the private work force"? (Quote from Time magazine, 10/31/05 issue, "Where pensions are golden".)

When you are in your seventies, you will still be schlepping to work every day, so your taxes can fund the Caribbean cruise of some cop, subway motorman, or schoolteacher who retired at 55. How will you feel about that? Mad as hell, that's how. Inevitably, your mad-as-hell-ness will translate into politics sooner or later. Government people--enjoy it while you've got it. It won't last much longer.

Yes, that's right. Pensions are better than 401Ks. So you know what they should do? They should take away the pensions from government employees and give them the same crappy 401Ks they've been pawning off on us private sector employees. This is like Communism and capitalism working together. Instead of, oh, i dunno...fighting to scrap 401K and campaigning for everyone to get a pension they rightly deserve for working most of their adult life at some crappy job, Derbyshire and the rest of the pinheads want to make sure everyone has the same miserable deal and save the executives lots and lots of money. You great big wanker.

By min | December 22, 2005, 10:44 PM | Liberal Outrage


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