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Brimming Over With Fuzzy Feelings

I like Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres. I really do. They're out there in impoverished countries, war-torn areas, places that have been hit by a natural disaster providing medical aid to anyone who needs it, regardless of political leaning, race, religion, or creed. Not only do they provide emergency care, but they are also there for the long haul. They run clinics and hospitals and rehabilitation centers. In places where people might not be getting the medical treatment they need because of cultural taboos or financial restrictions, Doctors Without Borders is there. And unlike the American Red Cross, seem to be free of political agendas and motivations and are not out to make a profit.

I just read this article from the Guardian about work they're doing in Burundi, Africa to try to stem the spread of HIV.

Every month more than 100 women overcome the taboos surrounding sexual violence to make their way to the clinic, where the sign outside reads Seruka, or "rise from darkness".

Not only are they trying to prevent the spreading of HIV, they are helping women to overcome the cultural taboo of speaking about rape. They provide a place for these women to turn to in a society that doesn't even have a word for rape. So i'm feeling very warm and fuzzy towards Doctors Without Borders right now. *gush gush*

By min | December 22, 2005, 11:02 AM | Liberal Outrage