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Oy, My Brain

First it hurts my brain because it's about the evolution vs. ID debate. Mostly, it hurts my brain because this headline doesn't convey what the article seems to be about.

"Judges ask tough questions in evolution sticker case"

It mentions a comment the judge makes regarding the ruling of a lower court judge. That's it. It doesn't really talk about "tough questions". There were no "questions" per se mentioned. And i fail to see the "toughness" of it.

Granted, this particular headline is hardly the worst offender. Usually, headlines during presidential campaigns or about which Bushee is being indicted next are the most misleading. This headline is just inaccurate and prolly designed to be as attention grabbing as possible without outrageously misrepresenting the article's content. Blech.

By min | December 16, 2005, 8:41 AM | Liberal Outrage