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Stirring up trouble

A few years ago we were at an anti-WTO protest marching towards the Waldorf Hotel where the organization was meeting. We were travelling down our march route based on the permit the protest organizers had acquired from the city. The protest routes are usually long and winding and not very direct due to the permitting, and at one point we were passing a street that led directly to the hotel. There was a middle aged man, walking alone in the march and when we reached that street, he started shouting that we should go down this street instead of following the route. No one listened to him. I've always suspected that he was a cop trying to get the protestors to break the law. This New York Times article is about how NY police have been infiltrating protests.

By fnord12 | December 22, 2005, 1:04 PM | Liberal Outrage


Earlier at this same protest, another cop infiltrator tackled an anarchist who was spray painting a bus stop. The kid was in his teens, skinny. The cop was your typical overweight, middle-aged, beer belly. He jumped the kid and threw him to the ground. Then his uniformed cronies stormed into the march to help their buddy out with this 135lb menace to society. Sure, the kid shouldn't have been vandalising the bus stop, but did we need 6 225lb cops jumping on him to get him to stop?

Rod and i saw the cop and pretty much pegged him for a pig at the beginning of the march. In an eclectic crowd of suburbanites, anarchists, veterans, and grandmothers, this guy still managed to stick out like a sore thumb.

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