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Strike Part II

While many of you might be happy that the union is considering asking its workers to go back to work while they continue negotiations with the MTA because now your lives will stop being inconvenienced and you will be able to go to work and go shopping and go to restaurants, consider this paragraph from the New York Times:

Some striking workers hinted they were having second thoughts. They said they live paycheck to paycheck, burdened with mortgages, many with children and ailing relatives to care for. Some said they had begun to wonder if they would be the ones to lose the most.

Left I has this to say about it:

So instead, they are being urged (or, more accurately, demanded) to return to work and forego their fight for a decent pension, so that when they get older, they can be a burden on their children. Capitalism in a nutshell.

By min | December 22, 2005, 3:37 PM | Liberal Outrage