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The Silent Majority again

Well, now we know where Junior gets his ideas from (see the total insanity from Bush that min put in our header). But Bush's handlers must be so frustrated. They give him the talking point that Cheney is pushing below, and the best Bush can come up with is that stumbled nonsense.

From ABC Nightline with Terry Moran:

"Moran: Before the war you said Americans would be greeted as liberators here, and yet your own trip here today was undertaken in such secrecy that not even the prime minister of this country knew you were coming, and your movements around are in incredible secrecy and security. Do you ever think about how and why you got it wrong?

"Cheney: I don't think I got it wrong. I think the vast majority of the Iraqi people are grateful for what the U.S. did. I think they believe overwhelmingly that they're better off today than they were when Saddam Hussein ruled."

By fnord12 | December 19, 2005, 4:56 PM | Liberal Outrage


he thinks they believe. that's nice. i think that i can curry favor with a dragon using cookies. why won't someone say "yes, but what you think is wrong. here are the actual facts. now, please answer the question based on reality."