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Almost done ripping off the King of Zembla...

My bunch of posts today were all from his blog.

Various sources are reporting that Mrs. Samuel Alito broke into tears today because cruel Senate Democrats refused to believe her husband's risible claims of amnesia regarding his membership in Concerned Alumni of Princeton.

The Mrs. may buy his absent-minded professor act, but then she was thick enough to marry a member of a group that opposed the admission of women to Princeton. And even if she fell for his protestations of innocence, the nominee himself must have known that the details of his long, sordid history of racism and sexism would come to light during the hearings. If Samuel Alito possessed the merest shred of decency -- much less chivalry -- he would withdraw his name from consideration immediately, to spare his poor, naive, morbidly sensitive wife the prospect of further embarrassment.

Don't you agree?

By fnord12 | January 12, 2006, 9:18 AM | Liberal Outrage