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Blogging: the New Punk?

Jane at firedoglake puts forth a comparison: today's blogosphere is akin to the 70s punk movement. She's prolly right about this being our salad days. We may eventually get so bogged down by everybody putting up a blog that the pool of informed and well-written sites will become diluted and lose the feeling that this is where you go if you want to be "in the know". But i think that the blog "culture" won't so much end as it will move on to become something else. People will still have ideas and insights that they want to get out there. Cultural movements wax and wane; they need a catalyst to get them going. Most people just want to live their daily lives, go about their business. So, naturally, at the end of a movement, a period of complacency is bound to follow. Eventually, people get sick of what is bred from the complacency and we're back on the upswing. The medium may not be in the shape of the blogosphere, but it will be something. I can even imagine that instead of moving away from the blog, the blog will just get better. One day we could be getting information Spider Jerusalem style like in Transmetropolitan. So, don't despair, Jane. There will be the new new punk to look forward to.

By min | January 6, 2006, 9:51 AM | Liberal Outrage