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"Choose Your Music" Challenge

Every once in a while, Rod would challenge those in our group to choose which albums they'd bring if they could only have a finite number of them. Well, the Guardian put up the 89 albums they feel are essential to anybody's collection. I have to disagree with some of their choices. A) heavy metal as an entire genre was purposely left out b) nobody needs to own the Sound of Music soundtrack. Also, I've done just fine without Emminem or Elvis Presley, thanks. It's not all terrible. They list Roxy Music and the Gorillaz. Go check it out yourself.

By min | January 10, 2006, 12:05 PM | Music


I was going to say that the Gorillaz, while decent, doesn't belong on any "top" list but then i saw the other crap they had on there.

With the invention of the mp3 player, the "five albums on a desert island" question is moot, and the notion of albums is quaint.

i am not so ready to give up on the concept of the album as art form as bunky up there. but regardless, even he cant deny this sentiment: holy christ! the average person only owns 126 albums! i have that many albums floating in limbo.

anyone who picks the River and Born in the USA as the best of Bruce Springsteen's work has no business making a list of this sort. Also 69 Love Songs is 3 seperate albums (although if you take the best songs from all 3 you have one good album).