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Despite All the Beans...

...vegans are still emitting out less carbons than you meat-eaters.

An average burger man (that is, not the outsize variety) emits the equivalent of 1.5 tonnes more CO2 every year than the standard vegan.

And don't think switching to a hybrid gets you off the hook either.

By comparison, were you to trade in your conventional gas-guzzler for a state of the art Prius hybrid, your CO2 savings would amount to little more than one tonne per year.

By min | January 27, 2006, 8:43 AM | Liberal Outrage & Science


Captain Beefheart: "Whaddaya run on, Rockette Morton?"
Captain Beefheart: "Say beans."
Rockette Morton: "I run on beans... I run on laser beans."