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It won't be easy.

Looks like there are some major continuity problems surrounding Spider-Woman in recent Alias, Avengers, Elektra, and Spider-Woman comics. The sad part is, all the stories were written by the same writer.

By fnord12 | January 13, 2006, 1:24 PM | Comics


The Giant-Sized Spiderwoman drove me a little nuts showing all those differences in the origin story. I had forgotten what it was like to read superhero comics! (On the plus side, I wished I had listened to you guys and picked up New Avengers, since the first story was the one I wanted to see more of..)

If you've been reading the new Spider-Woman: Origin comic, you've seen that Bendis has decided not to go with any of those origins, which is odd considering it was Bendis who pushed to have that reprint book published. I've got a suspicion that he wanted it published so it was obvious that her continuity was already messed up, giving him free reign to do whatever he wanted. But the original idea was he was going to somehow tie all those various versions together... so we'll have to wait and see.

The New Avengers comics are very goood, and have alot of relevance to Spider-Woman. You are welcome to borrow them, of course, and i'm sure they'll also start publishing them in trade form soon.

I might take you up on borrowing them. I'll be in NJ in March! I also might pick up the Fables trades. We're buying the books as of the newest storyline but we haven't started reading them because we both sort of want to start at the beginning! We're so bad at starting to read comics again.