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Right to Privacy?

In addition to the illegal wiretapping the NSA has been performing, the illustrious Dept. of Homeland Security has been reading our mail.

He has had an ongoing correspondence by snail mail with a former professor of history at the University of the Philippines, where Goodman had taught on three separate occasions.


He won't release the name of the former professor in the Philippines, but says she is in her mid-80s and hardly a security risk. "This is a very devout Catholic woman who goes to 6:00 mass every evening, and I don't know what they would be interested in her for," he says. "She hasn't written about anything in years."

This is the best bit:

"The bottom of the envelope had been slashed open and then retaped with green tape," says Goodman. "And it said, 'Opened by Border Protection' in great big letters. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security seal is on it, too."

You know you're in trouble when they aren't even trying to be stealthy about how they're spying on you.

(Thanks to Rose for the link)

By min | January 6, 2006, 2:51 PM | Liberal Outrage