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Yeah, thanks.

I think a lot of the problems we have are due to the fact that millionaire Senators just don't understand how much money is worth today. That's why they think that a $6 minimum wage is something you can live on, and why a $300 tax rebate is enough for us while they get tax breaks in the millions. Now they think that they can solve the problem of rising gas prices by giving us $100. Uh, that's two tanks, fellas. Try again. How about a solution that actually addresses the problem?

By fnord12 | April 28, 2006, 10:49 AM | Liberal Outrage


100 bucks?! yowza! that's like.. 210 brazil reais, or 4486 india rupees, or 11370.70 japan yen.. man.. those senators sure are nice and generous people..

it's not that they think it actually addresses the problem of rising gas prices. it's that they know most of the american public are chumps who will stop complaining once they are given some pittance. it worked when they tossed us our $300 tax refund. why shouldn't it work a second time?

and the complaints, as far as they are concerned, are the real problem.

we have to remember to bring julia with us if we ever go on a world tour.

all i know is that i still have to pay the f*$#king government 1200 dollars even tho on paper i barely made 10,000.. $300 dosn't really help me all that much. that's why i've decided to stop working and just apply for food stamps..

Ok, now i'm reading your first comment in a new light. it sounds like you've been figuring out which country is the best candidate to which you will take your $100 gas refund and flee from the IRS.

payment in cash.