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Blew it.

When Bush and the Republican's approval ratings were sinking, the Democrat "strategists" all warned their clients (actually, i'm not even sure if these people even have clients or if they just blab to the press all day) that they should just sit back and ride the wave and not actually jump on the sentiment and try to win people over with an alternative. The fear was the Democrats might put people off by looking... partisan (whatever that means). Well...

President Bush's approval rating rebounded from its lowest point a month ago and now stands at 38 percent. That is five points higher than it was in May, though still weak enough to cause Republicans to worry about their electoral chances in November.

But the survey offered some hopeful signs for Bush and the Republicans as they prepare for the midterm elections. The big advantage that Democrats held on virtually every major issue has narrowed or reversed. On the question of which party is best able to handle the situation in Iraq, the Democrats' 14-point advantage in last month's Post-ABC poll has been cut in half; they now have a 47 percent lead over Republicans' 41 percent.

A month ago, Democrats held a five-point lead over Republicans on dealing with international terrorism. Republicans now hold a seven-point advantage. On the economy, the Democratic advantage has narrowed from 18 points to 13 points since May.

The idea should have been to pound away at the Republicans and their failed policies. Instead, people got pissed at the Republicans, but in the absence of anything better being out there, they went back to the fold.

By fnord12 | June 28, 2006, 1:01 PM | Liberal Outrage


the Democrats suck. i have said it before, and i'll keep saying it until i see a change. they have had every opportunity to succeed, especially in the face of everything the current administration has done (things that are completely illegal and impeachable, mind you), and yet they can't manage to eke out a win. they're pathetic. the Republicans are practically handing the opportunity to them. they're just too stupid to take it. Losers.