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Chomsky on Iran: A diplomatic solution is possible.

A lot of people call Noam Chomsky a propagandist. I really don't see it. You can't really even disagree with him... he just provides a long string of facts. Here's a little pre-history to the current Iran nuclear 'crisis' from him. Tell me where he's wrong.

I thought this was most interesting:

In May 2003, according to Flynt Leverett, then a senior official in Bush's National Security Council, the reformist government of Mohammad Khatami proposed "an agenda for a diplomatic process that was intended to resolve on a comprehensive basis all of the bilateral differences between the United States and Iran".

Included were "weapons of mass destruction, a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the future of Lebanon's Hizbullah organisation and cooperation with the UN nuclear safeguards agency", the Financial Times reported last month. The Bush administration refused, and reprimanded the Swiss diplomat who conveyed the offer.

...we don't even want to hear about it, ya dumb Swiss diplomat. But all options are on the table.

By fnord12 | June 22, 2006, 2:34 PM | Liberal Outrage