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Dear Al Gore

Saw your movie last night. Overall it was pretty good - i thought the science was wll explained and the warnings were appropriately stark. I did think that the parts about your personal life, and especially the part where you show yourself during the baffling concession in the 2000 election, were distracting from the message you were trying to send. Was the movie about Al Gore or global warming? And i thought the conclusion of the movie was really weak. During the whole movie you show how there is a systemic problem in the united states, especially in our political system, that is causing these problems, and then you end with telling us to grow some trees and buy a hybrid car, and write our congresspeople. You know that our congresspeople are ineffective and corrupt - you all but said so in the film. Really, if you want to make some changes in this country, you should take your slide show out of the college and indie film circuit and bring it to D.C.. Which leads me to a larger point... you were the vice president for 8 years! If this issue was so important to you, why didn't you do something about it then? At the very least, you had the white house's bully pulpit more or less at your disposal - you could basically have given your slide show on prime time tv instead of in a little indie movie 8 years later. That could have resulted in the groundswell that you are so discouraged to not see in America. Bah. Oh well, thanks anyway.

By fnord12 | June 25, 2006, 12:16 PM | Liberal Outrage