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Health Care for All - Submit Comments

Another email. This time from the AFL-CIO.

The Citizens' Health Care Working Group, created by Congress in 2003, is calling for the nation to develop and implement universal health care by 2012. The group is taking public comments before finalizing its interim recommendations--and you should add your voice.  

Health costs are soaring, 46 million of us have no insurance and employers are shifting health coverage burdens to workers left and right. President George W. Bush has responded with a proposal for privatized Health Savings Accounts and high-deductible, limited benefit plans that would push us even further in the wrong direction. Bush's plan would actually cost consumers more, provide less care and encourage more employers to dump workers' health coverage.

In contrast, the working group's interim recommendations are heartening for those of us who believe strongly that not only the rich should be able to get good health care. The group declares, "It should be public policy that all Americans have affordable health care," and calls for the government to define a "core" benefit package for all Americans, guarantee financial protection against very high health care costs, support integrated community health networks and promote efforts to improve quality of care and efficiency.

The 14-member commission, which so far has heard from more than 20,000 people--many of them union members--at 75 community meetings around the country and online, is taking recommendations and comments from the public until Aug. 31.
Don't let the Bush administration followers, who think privatized health care accounts and high-deductible health plans will fix America's health care crisis, control this debate. Be sure you make your voice heard, too.

Speak out for high-quality, affordable health care for all by clicking the link below.


By min | June 28, 2006, 12:11 PM | Liberal Outrage