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More Civilian Murders

Seven Marines and 1 Navy corpsman were charged with premeditated murder of a lame 52-yr old man. They shot him in the face and then put a shovel near his body to make it look like he was planting a roadside bomb. This is separate from the case where 4 soldiers were charged with setting 3 detainees free so that they could shoot them and claim the detainees were escaping. Also separate from allegations of Marines killing 24 Iraqi civilians. Their defense lawyers are up in arms saying the interrogation techniques used to extract information from the soldiers were "inappropriate".

"I can tell you with regard to my client, he was subjected to at least three interrogations, one of which lasted about eight hours without any food, water, restroom breaks, you name it," Casas said.
Jane Siegel, another lawyer representing Jodka, said interrogators used "strong-arm" tactics and threats of life imprisonment to elicit statements from the eight men.

"The techniques that they used to acquire these statements are as close to old-fashioned psychological rubber hoses as you can get," Siegel said.

Clearly, these lawyers don't understand that there is a war going on and when there is a war, different standards are necessary. The interrogators did what they had to do in order to get the information necessary to protect our troops. And anyway, Attorney General Gonzales has said these are not torture techniques. The liberal media should stop being such pansies. Oh wait. Those are the talking points for people who are held in Gitmo and not charged with crimes . Where the hell is that list of talking points for this incident? Oh, right. We don't need talking points. We'll just pretend it never happened. These morons will forget all about it in a week, tops. Roll the tape on Brangelina's baby!

In no way should torture of any kind, no matter how the Administration spins the definition, be used. Didn't we learn during the Spanish Inquisition that torture never gets you true answers? It just gets you whatever answers the person being tortured thinks you want so that you will stop hurting them. It shouldn't be used on suspected terrorists, and it shouldn't be used on soldiers who are suspected of murdering civilians. It might make it harder to try your case, but that's your problem. We should not throw human rights out the window just because it becomes inconvenient. My problem is that people think it's ok to have one set of standards for some people and a completely different set for themselves. Do you suppose these lawyers were making any complaints about how we've completely ignored the Geneva Convention, not to mention basic human rights when it came to the treatment of our detainees? Hello? Remember Abu Ghraib? I know it's been a while since any mention's been made of it in the mainstream media. Not to mention our complete refusal to close down Guantanamo. We're holding people without charge there. And it's so bad that the prisoners would rather starve to death in a hunger strike then continue accepting the despicable treatment their captors are doling out to them daily. I don't care how evil the person might be. When you start thinking they don't deserve to be treated humanely, there's something wrong with you. And if you act on it instead of getting yourself some help, then you made the choice to trade in your humanity for hate.

You don't have to watch Apocalypse Now to realize that our troops must be cracking up, and it's no wonder considering the conditions they've been in. It's pretty much Vietnam all over again, except without the media putting any "disturbing" footage out for people to see. Plus, no spitting on returning soldiers. But in terms of fighting the war on terror, it's guerilla warfare and there's no way anyone's coming out of that completely right in the head. So for all their talk of supporting the troops, the Administration and all the chickenhawks are really advocates of killing our troops. Either quickly by bombs and guns or slowly by eating away at their psyche. Way to go, guys.

By min | June 22, 2006, 8:21 AM | Liberal Outrage