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Then why did we invade Iraq again?

In the absence of WMDs and any ties to al-Qaeda, the argument was always that we had to "take out Saddam", but i guess that wasn't it either.

O'Reilly: Now to me, they're not fighting it hard enough. See, if I'm president, I got probably another 50-60 thousand with orders to shoot on sight anybody violating curfews. Shoot them on sight. That's me... President O'Reilly... Curfew in Ramadi, seven o'clock at night. You're on the street? You're dead. I shoot you right between the eyes. Ok? That's how I run that country. Just like Saddam ran it. Saddam didn't have explosions - he didn't have bombers. Did he? because if you got out of line, you're dead.

Bill O'Reilly declined to serve in Vietnam, btw. Just so you know. You might have been confused with all this talk of him shooting people.

By fnord12 | June 21, 2006, 5:02 PM | Liberal Outrage


OK, so when I read about this, the first thought that occured to me was, "Why does anyone listen to Bill O'Reilly or watch his show? He sounds... crazy."

Well, I decided to see what was what and I looked up "ratings" and "O'Reilly" on google and got a whole bunch of hits, and at the top was a link from "o'reillysucks.com" or something like that. I wanted something a little more impartial to prove my point, and I did find it in this article from the LATimes.

So, to me, someone who doesn't follow these things too closely, it looks as if he's just saying anything to get people to watch him. I give it about 3, maybe 4 weeks tops before he starts barking into the microphone like a dog.

Hasn't he been barking into the microphone like a dog since his show started?

I meant literally saying "Woof, woof", while possibly marking his territory all over the studio and humping an intern's leg.

I suppose you could make the argument that he's also already doing those things, but I meant literally.

you can prolly check 'humping an intern's leg' off the list.