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They're Taking Away Adam's Salt

The American Medical Association voted Tuesday to urge the government to require high-salt foods to be labeled and also vowed to push the food industry to drastically cut the amount of salt in restaurant and processed foods. The goal would be 50 percent less salt within a decade.
The measure also calls for the AMA to ask the Food and Drug Administration to revoke salt's status as a food that is "generally recognized as safe," known as "GRAS" in the industry. GRAS food includes such staples as sugar and pepper.


By min | June 20, 2006, 1:16 PM | Liberal Outrage


OK, well that's actually a load of crap. Why? Well It all started last April, when I was watching an episode of "Good Eats" starring Alton Brown. In the episode Eat this Rock!, Alton reveals that its not Salt that's bad for you, it all the other stuff that's packaged with the Salt, like saturated fats and such. Also, he states that if you have healthy kidneys, you can eat as much salt as you want.

Cause, you know, you'll "get rid" of it later.

But, I figured it would be prudent to take another look into the whole salt debate, rather than trust a well known television celebrity cook. I mean, if we just trust Alton, next we'll be listening to Bobby Flay.

So I looked up this little faq on salt and found that decreased salt diets can actually lead to heart attacks. Here, see for yourself.

There are 13 studies listed that claim that a decreased salt intake is bad for you. So in conclusion... The Government is try to kill you. (Because it beats paying Social Security when you retire.)