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Tough Toenails!

Net neutrality, who needs it? Just everybody, that's all. The Senate's in the middle of debating it, but ofc, as usual, they've tacked it onto bill with 199 other amendments. And, as we all know, no one has actually read all 200 amendments. As your Congressmen will tell you, in a sad, tired voice, they simply don't have the time to read everything that comes by. I don't know how we could expect them to actually read something they intend to vote on. I mean, it's only their job to do so. Personally, i don't know what they're so busy doing. After watching C-SPAN, you'll quickly note that their time is not being spent actually attending any Congressional sessions. I guess it takes lots of time and dedication to improve your golf game. Wankers.

Anyway, here's a nice, snarky take on the net neutrality debate. (Whenever you look around and Senator Olympia Snowe is standing on your side of the picket line, you know you've entered some sort of bizarro world.)

The phone companies are grinning, cackling and drywashing their hands in anticipation. The Washington Post reported in December 2005 that William L. Smith, chief technology officer for Atlanta-based BellSouth Corp. told reporters and analysts that yeah, an Internet service provider such as his firm should, in fact, be able, for example, to charge Yahoo Inc. for the opportunity to have its search site load faster than that of Google Inc. A law allowing him to do so is a license to print money.

But they have to find some way to spin it like they give a crap about you the consumer, so in typical pretzel logic they're poormouthing about all the money they're having to invest -- billions! -- in upgrading everything to broadband, and who's gonna pay for all that? Of course you are. It's noteworthy that this argument is so threadbare that it only takes two logical jumps to get back to your wallet.

My favorite line is

If Google outbids Yahoo!, well then Google loads faster and if you prefer using Yahoo!, go suck eggs, pal.

By min | June 30, 2006, 11:39 AM | Liberal Outrage