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Busy Day Reviews

Eternals #3
Iron Man knows Sersi so it's not a reboot. Good scene. min says Iron Man's a dick. The Deviants worshipping the Dreaming Celestial was cool, too. Gaiman knows his stuff. It's all good. Good good good.

Astonishing X-Men #16
Yeah, Kitty Pryde's a bad ass and uses her powers just right against a telepath. Paul O'Brien complains that this is too slow, but i think it's fine. Wolverine in his James-Origin persona is funny. Me and Wayne agree with Kitty on the ending: "yeahbuhwhat?"

New Avengers #23
I would've made her Madame Hydra. Wayne too. No, i didn't mean i would make Wayne Madam Hydra. Well... maybe. But Bendis is like "too easy" and does something else instead. Who's the lady in red and black on the last page next to Dagger?

Heroes For Hire #1
Cheesecake! Cheesecake! Good anyway. Could be better. I thought the dialogue was a little stilted in the conversation with Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic. But i was tired so it could've been that. Those were some really obscure bad guys at the end. The triple fake-out ending was a little annoying. Orca shouldn't be there, but i missed the Daughters of the Dragon mini. min says half-japanese people can't have red hair. Fun and light. We'll give it through Civil War.

By fnord12 | August 29, 2006, 11:00 PM | Comics


Eternals: Iron Man's a dick.

X-Men: that whole secondary story in space is confusing and annoying. esp since this book comes out once every 2 months - by the time the next issue comes out, i don't remember what the hell happened on 1.5 pages of the previous issue.

new avengers: i have a hard time believing jessica drew is just that good at hiding herself from everyone. and why isn't she pissed at cap for pretty much abandoning her? also, Iron Man's a big dick.

heroes for hire: boobies and butts. half japanese people can have "reddish" hair that's mostly dark, but she shouldn't have red hair unless her japanese half is less than half. there are actual panels in this issue. i didn't think comic book artists and writers remembered how to do that. Misty agreed way too easily considering the objections she and Colleen raised. it was reminiscent of the Daredevil movie where Murdock asks the defendant if he's sure he's not guilty.

Misty: "Do you promise you'll do the right thing?"
Iron Man: "Yes."
Misty: "Ok."

Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic are both dicks.

Since you got my comments on all the other books, I'll mention I also enjoyed Heroes For Hire. The fake-out endings weren't great, but I wasn't as annoyed by Orka as you. I enjoyed the villain's reaction to Tarantula and the writing on the villains in general. But, yeah, boobs and butts.