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The Shaper Of Worlds

As promised, here's my contribution to the internet: a scan of the Shaper of Worlds. Amazingly, no one has put a scan of this fantastic character on the internet yet (or rather, i couldn't find one after a 15 second google search).

He's an anthropomorphic cosmic cube from the Skrull galaxy (so maybe he's skrullmorphic?). I'm not sure if that's what he was always intended to be, or if later writers or editors decided that since he looked sort of like a Skrull and had wish-fulfillment powers, that's what he was (I bet that's the case. It smells like a Mark Gruenwald decision to me).

I don't have a lot of his appearances, which were mainly in Hulk, but i've always liked the design (although i'm not sure why a cosmic being needs to wheel around on little tank tracks). His gig is re-creating planets based on people's dreams. It's sort of a weird thing to do, but you have to find something you enjoy in life. He has a golden skinned hippie that rides around on rainbows as a herald.

The Official Marvel Handbook lists "The cosmic cube created by AIM" under his 'Known Relatives'.

Also, he seems to have been involved in the retcon that made the Beyonder from Secret Wars into one-half of a cosmic cube with the Molecule Man. I think in that case he was fulfilling Tom Defalco's dream of undoing Jim Shooter's legacy as Editor In Chief.

By fnord12 | August 4, 2006, 1:24 PM | Comics