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Trouble With Doors

Sure, the Man-Thing is a just non-sentient shambling mound of vegetable mass, but the truth is i run into people all the time who have trouble with doors. You don't really want to be down there in the "Feeble" category with carrot-nose. You want to read the sign (is it push or pull???), take a quick look at the type of handle you're dealing with, apply the right amount of force, etc... It gets a little trickier when there's someone on the other side of the door who wants to go in the opposite direction. Automatic doors with sensors can also cause problems. But with the right amounts of practice and planning, you can handle it.

The next step is to get yourself up in Dazzler's class. She's mastered the Speak 'n' Spell.
O I C.
O I C U R A T V.
O. O. O.

P.S. Don't ask why all those characters' names are underlined. Let's just say i was just as much a geek when i was 11 as i am today.

By fnord12 | August 4, 2006, 1:44 PM | Comics & My stupid life


I know you said not to ask, but why are the names underlined? Plus, they need to retcon these descriptors a little. It's unacceptable that they use the 1980's as a reference. I think we need some mark gruenwald to fix this. Or do we just say:
Typical = 1990's technology
Good = 2000's technology
Excellent = 2010's technology
Remarkable = 2020's technology, etc.

and I think that Kitty's smart and all, and that she's young and barely tapped into her potential, but I don't think she's on par with sasquatch, let alone Bruce Banner.

I think i was compiling the ability scores of all those characters (this was in 1985 or whatever when the Marvel roleplaying game was first published, and they hadn't made books with all the characters' stats yet) and i would underline a character's name as i wrote it down. It was annoying though, because they weren't consistent with the characters they used as examples, so i had the Man-Thing's Reason, but not his Endurance, for example. I still remember: FASERIP!

When i scanned that in, i was surprised that Banner was so low on the list, but Claremont was writing Kitty as like a super-genius (and a super-ninja fighter, and an all-around swell gal) at that time, so i wasn't too surprised by that.

And i can't believe you didn't make a 2099 joke with your "Reason as a measure of the decade's technology" proposal.

You are right. Next spell "lsfdayud."

sorry, I got speak 'n spell on the brain. I didn't think of the 2099 bit at all. man, I'm slipping.

I hear Claremont ripped off buffy summers to make that kitty character.

There aren't enough shades of grey in this system. It's tough, coming up with a system that maintains the fun of the comics, presents a playable game, and allows for accurate descriptions from someone as dumb as Man-thing and as smart as the watcher. Clearly on a reason skill the ranking would likely be Mr. F, Iron man, Banner, sasquatch, kitty.

that's how claremont wrote her. super smart, intuitive and clever. But how she's ranked here is way smarter than even he wrote her.