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Hey, Democrats! Are You Even Listening?

Shamelessly stealing from Joshua Micah Marshall:

Every basketball coach will tell you the way to win games is to 'get the other team out of its game, and make them play your game." To a certain extent, even listening to Rove and the Republican Screech Monkeys is a waste of time. Rove & Co. is going to take the lowest of low roads in the next 75 days, accusing every Dem House candidate of being Osama bin Laden's personal valet. The attacks are going to be vile, fraudulent, and personal.

If the Dems "take the bait" -- defend themselves in the conventional way -- they will lose. Why? Because they'll burn their ad dollars playing Rove's game. They will have "localized" the election.

What to do? Stay focused on one and only message -- "You -- the Voters -- have ONE DAY to hold the Bush Administration accountable for what's happened in Iraq, and here at home. ONE DAY -- election day. If you like the way things are going, vote Republican. If you think things need to change, VOTE DEMOCRATIC. Seize the day. It's your very last chance."

We're talking to you bozos. Hillary, Harry, Howard, Barrack, Nancy, the lot of you. Quit listening to your loser advisors. They haven't won you a goddamn thing in all this time. What makes you think they have any clue? Oh, and as i pointed out yesterday, you all really need to stop being a slave to polls.

I really have no hope for any of you, but i felt it was my duty to at least give it a try.

By min | September 12, 2006, 11:14 AM | Liberal Outrage