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Poll Tampering

Not content with rigging electronic voting machines, the Republicans are also manipulating poll data.

The owner of DataUSA Inc., a company that conducted political polls for the campaigns of President Bush, Sen. Joe Lieberman and other candidates, pleaded guilty to fraud for making up survey and poll results.
According to a federal indictment, Costin told employees to alter poll data, and managers at the company told employees to "talk to cats and dogs" when instructing them to fabricate the surveys.

FBI Special Agent Jeff Rovelli said 50 percent of information compiled by DataUSA and transmitted to Bush's campaign was falsified, the Connecticut Post reported Thursday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward Chang said on several occasions when the company was running up against a deadline to complete a job, results were falsified. Sometimes, the respondent's gender or political affiliation were changed to meet a quota, other times all survey answers were fabricated.

Couple this with the fact the Democrats can't make a single decision without first seeing the poll results. The Republicans are much better strategists who aren't afraid to fight dirty and the Democrats are too stupid to learn from their mistakes.

By min | September 11, 2006, 3:50 PM | Liberal Outrage