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Who Says They Can't Sink Any Lower?

Injuries civilians incur in combat zones can sometimes qualify them for a medal. Halliburton is offering to help their injured employees get this medal if they sign a release form that indemnifies Halliburton of any responsibility.

This is capitalism at its finest. Talk about ingenuity. Halliburton surely proves that they're not asleep at the wheel. Keep up the good work, guys!

In related muckety muck, the Swift Boaters get sued in Indiana.

The state of Indiana sued the right-wing Economic Freedom Fund today, to stop it from harrassing residents with automated "robo calls" supporting a GOP congressional candidate. The suit, by Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter (R) seeks a preliminary injunction stopping the calls immediately.
As we reported last Thursday, Bob Perry, the money man behind the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has put $5 million into a new organization to attack House Democrats. In addition to TV and print ads run in four different districts across the country, the group is behind a slew of robo calls that are in the form of push polls -- phony polls that serve to attack an opponent rather than collect data.

Staci Schneider, Carter's press secretary, said that the group notified the AG last week that they had halted the calls. But it was too late. At least seven Hoosiers filed complaints with the state, according to Schneider. The statute allows for a penalty of up to $5,000 per violation, meaning that the group could be hit with a $35,000 fine, based on the seven complaints, although the AG has not yet decided on the penalty it will seek. A hearing is scheduled for September 27th.

By min | September 19, 2006, 3:33 PM | Liberal Outrage