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Hell in a Handbasket

What the hell is going on this week?

In Colorado, a guy walks into a classroom, take the girls hostage, molests and sexually assaults them, then kills one of the girls and himself.

In Pennsylvania, a milk truck driver takes over an Amish school and kills the girls execution style before killing himself.

Republican Congressman Mark Foley gets caught sending sexually explicit emails to teenage pages and everyone's standing around mumbling, 'Um...yeah....we kinda knew he was doing that....but, um.....we didn't do anything to stop it." Including the FBI and the House Speaker. Tony Snow, the moron that he is, says they were simply "naughty emails" and nothing to squawk over. Matt Drudge, not to be outdone, blames the teenagers for "preying" on the good congressman. To top it all off, i hear the media are doing their part to help muddy the situation by conflating homosexuality and pedophilia. It's prolly the best strategy for the Party of Family Values to preserve their severely tarnished reputation. Blame the gays.

And as if that weren't enough, North Korea is nuclear testing. You know why? Because the only way to protect yourself from getting invaded and overthrown by the U.S. is to arm yourself with nuclear weapons. If Iraq had had nuclear weapons, they wouldn't be in the mess they're in now. That's the lesson the world's learned from our "mission to spread democracy" over in the Middle East. Too bad nobody saw that one coming - oh, except for the liberals who kept saying we shouldn't invade Iraq, but they're a bunch of pansy-asses, so ofc nobody listened to them even if they are always right in the end. Good job, assholes. I sure feel safer now.

The one almost good thing that happened is this:

An inmate serving a life term for molesting and killing a 10-year-old girl named Katie somehow got "Katie's Revenge" tattooed across his forehead, and prison authorities were trying to determine how it happened.

Right. Prison authorities have no idea how it could have happened. Or how that picture could possibly have found its way to the interwebs.

By min | October 3, 2006, 11:38 AM | Ummm... Other?