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After All I've Done For You People

Another member joining the Joe "I decide what the people really want" Lieberman is Representative Jim Walsh who is "disappointed" that the voters didn't appreciate his works as much as he felt they ought to have.

"I was very disappointed in the people of the city," Walsh said. "I've worked harder in the city of Syracuse than I have in any other part of the district. I have given my heart and soul to that city. And I'll continue to do that, but I've got a little hole in my heart."

Greg Sargent of TPM Cafe puts it very nicely:

"Note to Walsh: You serve at the pleasure of the voters. If they weren't as impressed with your performance as you are, this is an indication of failure on your part -- not theirs."

By min | November 20, 2006, 1:25 PM | Liberal Outrage


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