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As I Was Saying

The Democrats do really stupid things.

In a post-election news conference, Lieberman said he was reassured by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid that he would retain his seniority when the new Senate convenes.

Mebbe they're like Thanos. They think they want to achieve their goals, but something inside them forces them to sabotage their own efforts everytime. (Or at least, that's what i hear about Thanos.)

By min | November 10, 2006, 3:30 PM | Liberal Outrage


What else are they going to do? Tell him to get bent and watch him take senate majority back to the Republicans? Lieberman's a dick, there's no denying it, but the Dem's have to keep him happy now. It's not a good situation, but it's better than the GOP maintaining control (well, in theory anyway, but I won't go off on that rant).

with lieberman as the scale-tipper, it might as well be in GOP hands. he will milk it for whatever he can to get the Dems to give him what he wants and then when it suits him, he'll vote with the GOP like he always has. and the Dems won't do anything about it because they'll feel like you do. if they keep him happy, mebbe he'll side with them at least some of the time.

playing it that way just weakens their position more than just telling him right now to 'get bent' because in the hopes of him helping them, they'll give him enough slack to hang them all.

Lieberman caucusing with the Dems at the very least gives them the ability to set the agenda which cannot be underestimated. Plus, there's plenty of moderate Republicans that will be just as likely to vote with the Dems as Lieberman will be to vote with the GOP. I'm not thrilled to see the Dems putting him in a position of power, but I absolutely understand why they have to do it.

"With Senator Lieberman (Egomaniac - CT) promising to caucus with the Dems, it�ll be interesting to see what sort of attitude he adopts towards his former party-mates. My guess is that as long as he gets a committee chairmanship, then he�ll be acceptable. Joe�s problem is that he�s a conventional wisdom parroting phony who thinks repeating talking points he�s picked up on the golf course makes him an independent, but now that the CW is heading towards the Dems, I wonder if he might accidentally be supportive of his own side. I hope so." - Greg Saunders, on www.thismodernworld.com

according to today's NYT, the Dems practically fell over themselves trying to make nice to him yesterday at the caucus gathering. and he got a standing ovation at the caucus luncheon.

i imagine him preening over the attention.